An ambitious junior web-developer seeking opportunities working with frontend or web support with experience in digital logistics, e-com, marketing and operations - a Jack of All Trades in web.

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driven - dedicated - destined to impress

As a full-service web developer candidate - I can use my real life experience in e-comm marketing & fulfilment, digital logistics and operations, and even academic courses in communications, psychology and fine arts - all with the goal to be the universal-tool in your web development tool kit.

✓  Self-starter

✓  Eternal curiosity

✓  Flexibly rigid

A humble yet confident, reserved yet innovative, mature yet young at heart. In today's dynamic and light-speed workplace, communication skills are as important as technical skills. One bad apple surely does spoil the bunch - so don't be a rotten apple. Emotional intelligence, perception and acceptance of the infinite variation of the human animal are trademarks of a valuable team member. This I have in spades.

✓  Not a toxic person

✓  Not a smoker

✓  Never sick*

*Last recorded sick day was due to being hit by a car on the way to work... One day at home

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My Professional Interests

We cover the full end-to-end journey of user experience, helping clients capitalize on every opportunity.

UI/UX Stakeholder

Frontend Development


Feature Development

Product Ownership

Want to work together and achieve high results? Let’s talk.


If you are not  actively searching for a new web-dev team member, but perhaps you know someone who is.... All job tips are welcome!


Malmö, Sweden

('Tis true that I have used a new type of website WYSIWYG to build this site - for fun, experience and expedience. My programming skills do not, in any way require me to use such tools and frameworks. I am perfectly adept to create hard coded sites in several languages and frameworks, using relational databases and various CMS tools. )